Our Process

With a uniquely skilled dentist, you will naturally receive unique service. Using a multi-disciplined approach to patient care that surpasses most others, we work to provide superior, predictable, long-term results that ensure satisfaction. Because of Dr. Grodin’s background in both Periodontics and Prosthodontics, we are able to give you the comprehensive care you need to best address your dental concerns.

For patients with more complex dental needs or desires, the following is what you might experience during your first few visits:

Initial Meeting

From your very first appointment, we strive to create an environment where you can feel comfortable coming to us with your concerns. We know that many people are fearful of visiting the dentist, which is why we approach every patient with compassion and empathy for the anxiety you might be experiencing. Highlighted by a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Grodin, your first visit allows you the opportunity to address your dental health care needs and expectations. Based on your budget, level of dental complications, personal concerns, and past health history, Dr. Grodin will establish a tentative foundation for a treatment plan. Dr. Grodin focuses on clear communication, ensuring that you fully understand your treatment options.

Diagnostics and Analysis 

Depending on the situation, this step can often be completed during the initial visit. After you have met with Dr. Grodin, we will need to collect more information to ensure that our treatment recommendations are in line with your diagnoses. To achieve this, we will complete a number of diagnostic procedures. To ease your mind, we will make sure that you understand the process before we begin.

Examples of the types of diagnostic tests we use include:

  • Physical oral evaluation
  • Extra-oral and intra-oral photography
  • Full-mouth X-rays
  • Diagnostic models and functional analysis
  • Cone-beam CT scan (3-D X-ray)

*It is important to note that, depending on the complexity of care needed, the diagnostic process often includes consultation with other specialists.

Results Discussion & Treatment Recommendations

Once the necessary diagnostic steps have been completed we will schedule a follow-up appointment at your convenience. There, we will provide our comprehensive findings, and make recommendations for treatment options, including pros and cons of each. We will also discuss cost, as well as financing options. Patient education is a primary focus in our office. This focus ensures that you can make informed decisions about your care and fully understand what to expect.

*Please note that if you are being referred for limited care, or if your needs are less complex, then the process described above may be consolidated into fewer, or even a single, appointment. Contact us today to schedule a visit.